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"A good feeding and irrigation strategy will help growers obtaining a better overall result."

Ad Hurks, owner of Hurks Horti Consult B.V., seated in The Netherlands, provides specific technical knowledge of the soft fruit industry all over the world.

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Soft Fruit Consultancy for raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries cultivation. Production and Propagation growers in substrate and soil growth are my (potential) clients.

Hurks Horti Consult target is:

To create healthier crops that give higher yields of a fantastic quality; to help growers with all kind of technical issues such as irrigation strategy, feeding recipes and crop management; to avoid wrong decisions and, last but not least, I give you the possibility to talk about preparation at any time.

Online Advice

Get advice without travelling. Get a helping hand by a specialist with a critical look on the process and this all on a daily basis. At least every 2 weeks you can get a conference call by mobile phone, WhatsApp or computer.

In order to guide the online-technical process, we can install some measurement devices at your farm and create our MOISTURE CONTROL PLATFORM. With the right schedules, regular laboratory analysis and good videos, together we can make your farm become technically better.

Don’t forget that it will be always possible for me to visit your farm as well.

Hurks Preparations


Source water analysis, optimal water capacity, substrate, pots/substrate bags, substrate moisture sensors, varieties, types of plants, etc.

Hurks Feeding and irrigation strategy

Feeding and
irrigation strategy

Feeding recipes, frequent monitoring of EC and pH, adjustment of recipes based on irrigation water analysis, drain water and leaf analysis. Start-times, intervals, stop-times, etc.

Hurks Crop management

Crop management

Pest and diseases, biological control, ventilation/shadowing, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries pruning, etc.

Hurks Fruit Forecast

Fruit forecast is powered by Hurks Horti Consult. After more than 10 years of practical and theoretical research, I succeeded to develop a reliable fruit forecast app for my clients.

A good forecast gives many opportunities.
In order to make sure that a good forecast has been generated, the fruit forecast team has to pay a lot of attention to the forecast process. Collecting the right data and making a good flower/fruit counting are important issues for a good start. Afterwards, it is important to analyse the forecast results correctly.



My name is Ad Hurks and I grew up on my parents’ strawberry farm.

Hurks History
Hurks History

The switch

When I was 35 years old, I switched from grower to a job in the soft fruit retail industry, which I did for 3 years. After that, I worked for some years for a fertilizer and chemical company.

Hurks History
Hurks History

Hurks Horti Consult B.V.

In 2012, I started my own consultancy company, Hurks Horti Consult B.V. I give advice in Turkey, Morocco, USA, UK and
I have visited so far nearly all European countries from Scandinavia to Spain
and Portugal.

Hurks History
Hurks History
Marc van Steenoven

I have known Ad since 2006 when he was working for Driscoll’s. He is a specialist in production/propagation substrate growth of rasp and blackberry plants. I am very happy with his technical input. Another positive thing of Ad is his punctuality.

Marc van Steenoven | Owner of Atlantica Framboesa in Portugal. Bestema GMBA&Co in Germany. Rubus B.V. in The Netherlands.

Koen van Kempen

I have worked with Ad for at least 10 years. The last two years, with the pandemic, more intensively. Ad has clients all over the world. Based on our irrigation, drain and leave analysis he can help soft fruit growers really well.

Koen van Kempen | Agro lab technician, Nova Crop Control B.V. The Netherlands.

Yaltir SBR

Mr. Hurks is available 24/7 via WhatsApp or phone calls. He is genuinely interested and radiates the joy he gets from improving management practices. His input for daily field videos keeps the team on their toes. Looking for a technical consultant who will also be emotionally invested? Look no further.

Yaltir/SBR | Production and propagation growers in Turkey.

Mohamed Gouar

I started working with Ad after I graduated from high school. "Teacher Ad" taught me how to grow raspberries on substrate. In the last 5 years we have become one of the best raspberry growers in Morocco.

Mr Mohamed Gourar | Technical Director, Qualiprim Morocco.

If you are interested,
do not hesitate to contact Ad!
Hurks Horti Consult B.V.
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